Puppy Bowl XIX Pup Rally preview

Marlene Sharp
3 min readJan 27
Coming soon from Animal Planet, Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. and Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, it’s Pup Rally for Puppy Bowl XIX!

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and fleabags. This is me, Blanche, again and for the third time this month. Yes, I burst into your feed once more, but this time I do it nicely. For example, you will not see any hint of the word b!+@#. You know what I mean, and so does my mom. Enough said (until she leaves the room).

So, it’s awards season in Los Angeles, and that’s where Mama and I live . . . in the per-PET-ual statuette time of my mind! Occasionally, this annual occurrence throws me into a funk, particularly when I am not on any short lists, though at nine pounds, I am plenty short. This year is different, though. I am ready to bark at the moon until I am over it! There has been a very promising development in my red carpet calendar, and it trickles down to you little, short people now.

The good humans at Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., Animal Planet, and Puppy Bowl XIX have requested the honor of my presence at the 2023 Pop-Up Pup Rally that honors the pawesome athletes of the February 10 official Puppy Bowl competition. This foot-trafficked tailgate(ish) party is on Saturday, February 4 in Playa Vista, CA (South Bay area of Los Angeles) at Wallis Annenberg Pet Space. I mention this event to make you jealous, of course! However, there is a way for the general public to attend, and that means most of you, unless you lack good manners. If your parents can’t have nice things, then please consider non-attendance, for dogs’ sake. By dogs, I mean Mama and me.

To be stinking clear, the Puppy Bowl is the Super Bowl meets the Westminster Dog Show meets the Oscars meets the Olympics, but better. This upcoming Pup Rally is a pre-Puppy Bowl affair, and no skills are needed, except US dollars and a human for each canine. Admission to this in-person parent-and-doggie shindig is only $10 in advance via EventBrite, $15 at the door, and FREE for kids under 10 and dogs of any age.

For your $10 or $15 entry fee, here’s what you get:

1) Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., the worker bees who craft delicious caffeinated beverages and who need a branded dog & crime podcast hosted by me, will grace attendees with free java from the company’s exclusive, high-brow Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. x Animal Planet Puppy Bowl Blend.

Marlene Sharp

Marlene Sharp is a creative and business-savvy entertainment multi-hyphenate who originally hails from New Orleans but is now a (San Fernando) Valley girl.

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