Puppy Bowl Tailgate Party 2024: a Doggone Crime! + Braun and Brains recap

Marlene Sharp
3 min readFeb 16, 2024
The Braun and Brains team awards its namesake Badge to Bailey Patterson, exemplary participant in Puppy Bowl XX Tailgate Party festivities.

First, congratulations are in order!

Braun and Brains — esteemed counselor and canine crew from the Law Office of Eduard Braun —proudly announce the very first Badge recipient. The inaugural good citizenship award goes to 12-year-old Maltipoo Miss Bailey Patterson, Instagram star and dog daughter of Resheda Patterson. Braun and Brains and the Doggone Crime! gals (Blanche DuBois and Marlene Sharp), hereby praise Bailey’s embodiment of ten simple safety tips for legal and ethical enjoyment of the Puppy Bowl XX Tailgate Party on Saturday, February 10 at Wags and Walks in West Los Angeles. For the comprehensive tip list and other background information, please read ‘Introducing Braun and Brains: a Doggone Crime! debut that celebrates Puppy Bowl XX.’

Second, Puppy Bowl XX Tailgate Party goes down in history as a success due in large part to unabashed, massive rules-following. Bravo to humans and animals alike! The following are particular highlights of last week’s pup rally and the signature Braun and Brains safety tips with which they coincide.

These are three of many dogs whose owners leashed them — as per California law and just plain good manners — at Puppy Bowl XX Tailgate Party 2024.

Observe the liberal use of leashes, and applaud the humans behind them! It is a pleasure to bear witness to tagged collars, too. Impeccable dog hygiene is on full display, as well. Victory!

Badge winner Bailey has the neatest car seat that morphs into a stroller and carry-all for her gear!

Car seats are neat, but those that transform into snug, smooth, secure ground transport are extra special . . . just like Badge winner Bailey.

Grounds and Hounds Coffee Company is a source of sustenance at the big outdoor event.

Grounds and Hounds Coffee Company is a canine champion! This business sells beverages and goods to humans, and some profit percentages go toward pooch-oriented charities. Note the custom pooch rations for Tailgate Partygoers. No one goes hungry or thirsty on this watch!



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