Panda Mony Toy Brands steers TANKDROME cowboy-anime toward triumph

Marlene Sharp
5 min readAug 15
A slick vehicle from Panda Mony Toy Brand’s TANKDROME.

Panda Mony Toy Brands, LLC, mothership of the award-winning ALTER NATION action figure-driven franchise, announces its strategic alliance with pedigreed Studio Entertainment Graphic Innovation (ENGI) on a new, mega vehicle-focused graphic novel series entitled TANKDROME. This illustrated undertaking welds manga-inspired visual design with western narrative structure. As a Japanese entity born from a conscious commingling of Kadokawa, Sega-Sammy, and Ultra Super Pictures, ENGI brings anime and manga authenticity to the project. Story development originates from American series creator and Panda Mony founder Ryan Magnon. TANKDROME tenders its debut, illustrated book title in spring 2024.

An original concept

IP architect Ryan Magnon elaborates on TANKDROME beginnings. “I’d initially planned to develop the character design art myself. I attempted to put my own spin on anime style, but I rapidly reconsidered. Rather than offer a poor imitation of anime, I thought this brand might be a good opportunity for east-meets-west collaboration.

Based on the quality and reception of ALTER NATION, I was comfortable reaching out to established studios directly. ENGI, who was (coincidentally) seeking to expand beyond Japan, was receptive. The conversation started in August 2022. Since then, I’ve been in discussions with Hiroki Yoshioka (吉岡宏起).”

ENGI president Hiroki Yoshioka

ENGI president Yoshioka-san further explains his attraction to TANKDROME. “I think this is a very important Manga project not just for the United States, but for Japan and other countries as well. It aims to create an entertaining piece that transcends the differences in values between Japan and America, making it enjoyable for audiences worldwide; moreover, I believe it presents a new opportunity to create…

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